3rd Annual Pickle Fest
September 25th, 2016 from Noon – 5 PM at the Historic Riverdale School

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Craft Vendor at Pickle Fest. To ensure the enjoyment and safety of our vendors and attendees, please read and abide by the following Rules, Regulations and Requirements.

Farm & Prepared Foods Requirements & Regulatory Information

Please refer to UT Extension publications on food safety guidelines for canning, including: fruit, vegetables, pickles, and jellies. Publications available online include:

Farm products requiring licenses include:
  • Eggs: A permit may be required. Cartons must be labeled the name and contact information of the grower. At the event, eggs must be stored properly.
  • Meat: Must be processed in a USDA certified facility. All meat products offered for sale must have the USDA seal and be stored properly for the entirety of the event.
  • Honey: Honey processors who produce less than 150 gallons of honey per year are not required to obtain a Regulatory Services Permit. The product must still be labeled with contact information, net weight in ounces and grams and ingredients.
  • Cheese & Milk Products: All dairy products sold in Tennessee must be registered.
  • Plants: Vendors selling rooted plant materials at events in Tennessee have to be certified by TDA before selling their nursery materials. Exceptions include tomato, squash & eggplant starts. All bedding plants, strawberries and herbs require a license. There are several types of nursery, greenhouse or plant dealer applications. A description of the various applications can be obtained from TDA Division of Regulatory Services. Potential vendors must send a copy of their certificate to the event, as well as keep a copy at his/her booth during each event.

Prepared Foods: All prepared foods must be sold in compliance with TN Dept. of Agriculture and Knox County Health Dept. regulations. All packaged foods must be labeled with vendor contact information, ingredients and net weight. The event must have a current regulatory inspection sheet and current license on file. Include a copy of each with this application. The vendor must also have a copy of each license at his/her. All food must be stored properly while at the event.

For information about the domestic kitchen certification & food manufacturing requirements, please contact the TN Dept. of Agriculture at 615-837-5193. Domestic kitchen guidelines can be found at: www.utextension.utk.edu/publications/pbfiles/pb1710.pdf.

Food prepared on site must be stored in an inspected facility prior to coming to the event. Preparing food on site may require inspection by the Knox County Health Dept. of the vendor’s booth. These concession-style foods will be reviewed on a case by case basis and will be very limited at the event. Only concessions that support local growers and/or sustainable farming will be accepted. This does not apply to artisanal products such as breads or packaged grocery items.

Most permits and certificates can be found through the TN Dept. of Agriculture website, www.state.tn.us/agriculture/regulatory/permits.html or by calling 615-837-5137.

In accordance with health department regulations, all food should be displayed off the ground. This includes baskets of produce and coolers containing food to sell.

The event does not allow the sale of potentially dangerous foods, such as poke weed, rhubarb leaves or questionable mushrooms.

Art & Craft Application Requirement

All items to sell must be made by the vendor. No crafts made from commercial kits or assembled primarily from manufactured parts will be accepted. The artisan, a family member or an employee directly involved in the design and production of the objects to be sold must be present at each event.

Eligible items should be intended for use in the garden or kitchen and/or be fashioned from recycled or reused materials. Ineligible items include, but are not limited to crafts made from store-bought kits & manufactured items that have been assembled.

Artists may share a booth, provided each artist will attend the event. This type of application will be viewed as a whole, so that all participating artists must be accepted. Vendors are not allowed to share or sublet booths without prior approval by the Event Manager.

Event Rules and Regulations

  1. The event will assign a booth space of 12’ x 12’. Booth assignments are given the day of the event. Vendors are not allowed to use more than the allotted booth space, which includes placing signage in aisles and displays outside the 12’ x 12’ area. The Event Manager has the right to ask for signage or displays to be rearranged if it is blocking another vendor or traffic flow.
  2. Preference for booth assignments will be given in order of seniority and for diversity of product.
  3. The event is held rain or shine. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance of the event or as soon as possible by email or phone. The event understands that emergencies do happen and will be considerate to any last minute emergencies.
  4. All necessary equipment, displays, chairs, booths, tents or tables must be provided by the vendor. Tents must be safely secured from set up to tear down with weights. No equipment may be staked. Any tents, canopies or equipment determined to be unsafe will not be allowed.
  5. Electricity will not be available.
  6. Booths should never be left unattended. Each vendor is responsible for maintaining his/her area in a clean, neat manner throughout the day and cleaning the area before departing at the end of the day. This means picking up all debris from craft demonstrations, paper, cigarettes, etc.
  7. Vendors assume all responsibility for any losses of property or money from the event site.
  8. The event does not condone the use of threatened or endangered materials.
  9. Vendors must clearly post prices on all products being sold. Vendors are responsible for all their own applicable sales tax.
  10. All vendors are expected to be open and ready for business by opening time.
  11. In the interest of the health and cleanliness of the event, smoking or tobacco use is not allowed in vendor stalls or where food is displayed. Vendors are not allowed to bring animals of any kind, including dogs.
  12. Advertising for other events or businesses during the event is not allowed without prior approval of the Event Manager. This includes anyone not associated with the event passing out flyers to vendors and/or customers. Please alert the event staff to any problems with persons visiting the event so that we may assess and deal with the situation.
  13. Vendors are not allowed to give away food at their booth other than approved samples of the vendor’s products.
  14. Vendors are responsible for carrying their own liability insurance for product in the amount they deem appropriate.
  15. Complaints should be submitted to the Event Manager and should be specific in nature.
  16. Professional conduct is expected. Any yelling, swearing or threatening customers, vendors or staff will not be tolerated. This includes in person or by electronic media. This type of behavior will result in expulsion from the event.