The French Broad Preservation Association

The French Broad River Corridor in Knox County Tennessee includes the historic communities of Asbury, Kelly Bend, Kimberlin Heights, Kodak, Marbledale, Midway, Riverdale, Seven Islands, and Tuckahoe. These communities hold some of Knox County’s richest stores of scenic beauty, productive farmland, unspoiled historic sites, recreational opportunities, and wildlife. FBPA members love and value that rural life is still possible and still persists in these communities.

The FBPA, like the historic, rural communities we represent, is organized around the French Broad River and it’s tributary creeks. This river, one of the oldest on earth (300 million years), flows from North Carolina into Tennessee. It joins the Holston River in Knox County to form the Tennessee River, which flows past downtown Knoxville and through Tennessee, eventually joining the Ohio River just before it flows into the Mississippi River near Cairo, Ill.

The FPBA is a group of neighbors and supporters who cherish the French Broad River and the rich corner of Knox County through which it flows. We gather to enjoy and protect our community. All individuals supportive of our goals and values are welcome to join.

It is a false choice between protecting the environment and protecting jobs. You can have both, according to Karen Cragnolin – Executive Director of Riverlink in Asheville North Carolina