The French Broad Preservation Association

The communities of Riverdale, Frazier Bend, Kelly Bend, and Seven Islands-Kimberlin Heights along the French Broad River corridor form one of the most well-preserved scenic agrarian landscapes in East Tennessee. These communities and their historic, cultural, and environmental resources are currently in danger of succumbing to urban sprawl. We must work to conserve and protect these invaluable resources for future generations.

This area was still a part of North Carolina when it became the first settled area in what became Knox County in the 1780’s. James White, who was among the first speculators to settle this area, built his original home site off Thorn Grove Pike. Thankfully, this area has undergone the least amount of growth over the years and the pattern of life of previous eras is still carried on today. This is apparent in observing the landscape, which is highlighted by significant late 18th century farmhouses and outbuildings that are part of an agricultural setting that has not appreciably changed for generations.

The French Broad River and the surrounding islands and tributary creeks are home to many rare species listed by state and federal agencies as in danger of extinction or threatened with becoming endangered. The survival of these endangered species and other plants and animals is largely dependent on the conservation of the landscape of the corridor.

The mission of the French Broad Preservation Association is to preserve and enhance the environmental quality, scenic beauty, rural heritage, and historic resources of the French Broad River communities.

It is a false choice between protecting the environment and protecting jobs. You can have both, according to Karen Cragnolin – Executive Director of Riverlink in Asheville North Carolina